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The key to an unforgettable experience

Close your eyes and imagine the wedding of your dreams...

Are you surrounded by those you love most in a beautiful and unique environment?

Are you caught up in a whirlwind of excitement?

Are you somewhere quite unusual, simply magical, totally original or rather traditional?

Do you want to make your special day truly unforgettable?

Entrust your dream wedding to us, and we’ll make it reality. 

Who we are

At Nuptialis, we plan, conceptualize, and execute stunning and surprising weddings.

We create unforgettable experiences and help inspire the memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

In addition to providing Wedding Planning services, we are also able to provide Floral Arrangements and Decoration.

What we do

We oversee your wedding from the first day of planning until the big day finally arrives.
We provide support at every stage to ensure that planning this special day is as enjoyable and peaceful as possible.
Your wedding planner conceptualizes, plans, and coordinates your event in accordance with your desires to make sure that your wedding crosses off every item on your wish list.
Nuptialis Event’s expertise is the key to making this day one that you’ll never forget! 

Baby showers.
We rely on our expertise to create the most beautiful baby shower imaginable: a wonderful, special moment you can share with your loved ones.

Birthday parties
Are you looking to throw a fun birthday celebration with friends? Perhaps you want a special moment with your family, or a grand garden party that pulls out all the stops? We adapt to your requests and provide practical tips on how we can help you create a birthday party that reflects who you are!
Corporate events
A corporate event lets you bring together all your teams for an enjoyable, festive moment while also promoting your business by putting forth a dynamic image.
We provide customized recommendations to each client to make sure every event is unique and successful. 

Do you dream of getting married at a faraway, exotic location?
Nuptialis Event makes use of its wide-ranging international network of partners to ensure that your wedding is unique, exceptional, and idyllic, even in another country! 

This service allows couples who wish to plan their wedding without a Wedding Planner to still have such assistance on hand when it comes to selecting service providers and receiving any needed recommendations and advice.

Looking for a complete package
or a la carte services?

Nuptialis Event provides you with a multifaceted team that's specialized in the world of weddings. We offer several types of packages for our brides and grooms:

  • Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Coordination
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Wedding Design

Coordination on your wedding day

We are like the conductors of an orchestra on your big day.
You set the tone.
We orchestrate every instrument and note to create a beautiful symphony.
Is your wedding coming up soon, and are you feeling overwhelmed by all you have left to do?
Have no fear, we’re here to help! We provide a partial wedding planning service that takes care of the final details before your wedding, such as: 

  • Finding any last remaining service providers
  • Providing advice and recommendations for your decisions
  • Overseeing logistics and coordinating your big day.
Anne Ka,
founder of Nutialis Event

At just 27 years of age, Anne Ka is a woman driven by passion and dedication.
After earning a Bachelor's degree in Science and Human Resources Management, she then earned a degree as a Senior Technician in Commercial Unit Management. She worked for two years as a sales manager at La Brioche Dorée Opéra in Paris.
Anne Ka grew up in the world of weddings, as her family operated a catering and decorating business, which led to her to spend every summer designing floral arrangements.

She recently left her hometown of Paris to set up her business in Washington D.C. She brings with her the refined elegance of her culture, thus creating a beautiful French American fusion of style.

Anne Ka speaks French, English and Lingala fluently, and she is currently learning Spanish. To further hone her skills, Anne is currently pursuing a European Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing.

Nuptialis Event’s expertise is the key to making this day one that you’ll never forget!

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